The PALAMIX® cement gun is intended to accommodate the mixing cartridges of the PALAMIX® vacuum mixing system or the PALACOS® R+G pro and then to ensure precise and effortless application of bone cement.

The trigger of the PALAMIX® cement gun is operated by hand to expel the bone cement from the mixing cartridge.

Activating the trigger advances the feed rod in the mixing cartridge and expels the bone cement under high pressure.

The PALAMIX® cement gun can only be used in conjunction with the PALAMIX® vacuum mixing system or PALACOS® R+G pro. The respective operating steps are also described in detail as follows.

Cleaning and sterilisation The PALAMIX® cement gun is intended for multiple use and must be cleaned and sterilised each time prior to use.

The feed rod can be separated from the grip part of the PALAMIX® cement gun for ideal cleaning and sterilisation.